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Connecting digital currencies and merchants

✓ Cryptocurrency payment gateway for your e-commerce website.
✓ Easy implementation through unified API.
✓ Receive settlement in fiat currency to avoid volatility risk.
NEW: Merchants can now opt to charge their customers in cryptocurrency and receive
the settlement in the same cryptocurrency.*
*This feature is now available for BTC payments!

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Integrate AndexPay and accept the following cryptocurrencies:


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Gold







Crypto Payment Solution

By integrating our Unified API, it will enable merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment from their customers in a simple, secure, and fast way.

Settlement via Fiat Currencies

With AndexPay, merchants do not need to make any changes in their current web shops. Merchants can charge their customers in fiat currency, AndexPay converts the fiat currency to its cryptocurrency equivalent, and merchants receive settlement in fiat currency based on original amount.

Settlement via Cryptocurrencies

Merchants have an option to charge their customers in cryptocurrency and receive the settlement in cryptocurrency.

Why choose AndexPay?

Because digital currency is the newest wave of the future, you need to choose a trusted cryptocurrency payment provider with user-friendly features.

For customers, being able to use cryptocurrencies as payment method provides increased ease and convenience when it comes to online transactions with the added bonus of security and peace of mind - something that you do not always get when you use payment methods such as credit and debit cards due to the higher risk of fraud. In Andexpay, we offer our very own secured and easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment gateway service that will make your business more versatile and customer friendly.


With our flexible settlement option, you can choose to receive your settlement either in fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Simple API

You can easily set-up the payment page and get it running immediately with our easy and simple API.

Transaction Info Monitoring

You will be provided with an account to check and monitor your real-time transactions with the exchange rate and downloadable reports.

User-friendly Interface

With our user-friendly payment page, we ensure that customers will have a convenient means of paying which will cut down uncompleted transaction and maximize your conversion rates.

Competitive Rates

With AndexPay, you can accept crypto payments with lower rate and there are no set-up, monthly or support fees.

Irreversible Payment

Crypto payments are irreversible by design; this means that the money you received will not be charged back.

AndexPay Process Flow


Customer selects AndexPay as payment option.


For fiat transactions, AndexPay converts the deposit amount in its equivalent cryptocurrency. For crypto transactions, the page will only show the required payment amount in cryptocurrency.

Payment Page

The customer selects the desired cryptocurrency and completes the payment by using his cryptocurrency wallet. There is a 15 minutes validity for fiat transaction while 24 hours validity for cryptocurrency transaction.


The merchant is notified of the payment and will process the order.


Funds will be settled directly to the merchant’s account.

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